The E100 is an entry level twin bladed edger that will be a great addition to sawmillers looking to add more production to their current operation. Two circular blades come standard, one is fixed, and the other adjustable. A removable board fence makes it easy to trim boards that already have one straight side. The E100 also breaks down into a compact configuration for shipment

The Timbery Sharp ‘n Set provides a sharpened and set blade all in one machine. This simple and effective unit will save you money and provide a finished blade that is ready to saw. The Sharp 'n Set can handle 1” – 1.5” blades and has many adjustable features for precision and flexibility.

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sharp n set,  all in one !
affordable entry-level resaw

The Timbery blade is made from a high quality carbon steel with induction harden teeth.

Each tooth is individually measured and accurately set by computer-controlled equipment during the manufacturing process. These blades have good flex life and can be resharpened. PRICES

Western Sawmills

 exclusive Distributor of Timbery sawmills in Western Canada

The R100 Resaw is designed to be an entry-level affordable solution for sawmillers to boost their productivity and. The R100 is a manually feed resaw that has a heavy-duty roller table that can handle cants that are 12” wide by 9” tall. This is a great unit for breaking down boards, cants and reclaiming slabs

edger, boost your productivity!